Board of Directors

Callisto Madavo

Callisto Madavo is a visiting professor in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, where he teaches courses on the development of African economies, and the new and growing role of emerging economies of the South (China, India, Brazil) and Africa. Mr. Madavo served at the World Bank for 35 years, where he held several senior-level positions, including vice president for the Africa Region and country director for East Asia and East Africa. Earlier he worked on urban projects in Africa and Latin America. Mr. Madavo has extensive experience in development work focusing on issues of economic growth, urbanization, poverty reduction, good governance, private sector development, post-conflict programs and social development. As vice president for Africa at the World Bank, he championed a number of initiatives on HIV/AIDS, capacity building and infrastructure. He has consulted for a number of international organizations such as the Global Fund, UNAIDS and the African Development Bank, and has served on several working groups focused on development issues in Africa. He is on the boards of several international NGOs active in Africa, such as The International Alliance for HIV/AIDS and Africare. A native of Zimbabwe, Professor Madavo earned his PhD in economics from the University of Notre Dame.


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