Board of Directors

Omari Issa

Omari Issa serves as the chief executive officer of the President’s Delivery Bureau, Tanzania. Previously, as chief executive officer of the Investment Climate Facility for Africa, Mr. Issa was responsible for managing the ICF’s seven year program to improve Africa's investment climate and remove barriers to growth. Mr. Issa has extensive business experience in the public and private sectors, having worked in Africa and elsewhere abroad. He has first hand experience of the realities of doing business in Africa, having previously worked as executive director and chief operating officer of Celtel International, where he played an instrumental role in managing Celtel’s growth and expansion across the continent. Prior to working at Celtel, Mr. Issa spent fourteen years with the IFC and six years with the World Bank. He has been an independent non executive director at Millicom International Cellular SA since May 25, 2010. He holds a bachelor's of science (honours) from The Polytechnic of Central London, and an MBA from Columbia University, New York.


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