Press Conference USA: VOA Interview

VOA's Carol Castiel and Henok Fente analyze the emerging role of women in Africa's economic development with Africare CEO Darius Mans. Learn More>>


iCast News - Africa Channel

Africare President Dr. Darius Mans, along with the Director of the Africa Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center discuss the importance of connecting Africa's development with U.S. policy on Africa. Learn More>>

BET on Africare

BET spotlights Africare's work in their Global Good segment, featuring highlights from the 2010 Bishop John T. Walker Memorial Dinner. Learn More>>

Global Action Awards 2011 - Innovation Award

At the Global Action Forum's 2011 Global Action Awards, Africare was recognized for its innovative, effective and measurable solutions to global challenges. Learn More>>

Africa Now - WPFW

On WPFW's March 23, 2011 "Africa Now" program, Africare President Dr. Darius Mans discusses Africare's key development projects, the Africa-China relationship, and the upcoming Bishop T. Walker Memorial Dinner's awardees, former Brazilian President Lula and Vale Chairman and CEO Roger Agnelli. Learn More>>