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Africare Enters Partnership With Educate Girls Globally to Promote Education Reform in Africa



WASHINGTON (October 11, 2012) – Africare, a non-profit committed to improving the lives of people in Africa, has entered into a two-year partnership with Educate Girls Globally to implement a community empowerment model for educational reform in African schools.

Educate Girls Globally empowers communities to take informal ownership of government schools and promote reform. Its model builds capacity in communities to support the reform process and undertakes independent initiatives for development with limited resources.

With this partnership, Africare and Educate Girls Globally will tailor the empowerment model to meet the needs of girls in Africare’s areas of work including water, sanitation and hygiene at school, community-driven change and education.

“Africare and Educate Girls Globally share vision and values that are centered around community-driven development,” said Darius Mans, Africare, President. “By subscribing to the theory of change that places communities at the center of any development intervention, it was only natural that we looked to Educate Girls Globally for assistance in reform that empowers girls and the community.”

Educate Girls Globally has successfully implemented education reform models in two states of India, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand, serving more than 263,000 girls. The programs increased community involvement, engaged girls as active participants in promoting change, empowered and trained teachers, and fostered practical plans to help schools reach and teach disadvantaged girls.

“Educated women are the principal agents of social change in developing countries, and Educate Girls Globally works with local partners to create scalable and sustainable models that promote education for girls,” said A. Lawrence Chickering, Educate Girls Globally, President. “By empowering and animating communities, teachers, girls and bureaucrats, they will share ownership in the future of girls that prevail in the toughest of circumstances.”

Both organizations will work cooperatively over the next two years to raise awareness, increase funding, and implement Africare’s education reform project.

“Without ownership, there is little commitment and engagement; and, both Africare and Educate Girls Globally are committed to ensuring that this partnership empowers all of Africa to work together to improve the schools,” said Darius Mans.


About Educate Girls Globally

Educate Girls Globally was founded in 1999 to develop a new, integrated strategy for empowering communities to promote girls’ education, general education reform, and other economic and social objectives. Since then, Educate Girls Globally has developed its model in two states of India and partnered with the ministries to impact the lives of 590,000 children (263,000 girls) in about 4,500 schools in Rajasthan and in 1,400 schools in Uttarakhand. Visit for more information.



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