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Africare at XIX International Aids Conference 2012



This year, the 19th International AIDS conference – the first in the U.S. in 22 years – was held in the nation’s capital – bringing together field workers of HIV/AIDS, policymakers, people living with the HIV/AIDS and HIV related diseases, including those dedicated to put an end to this epidemic.

For Africare, “Turning the Tide” is working with the communities particularly in Tanzania and South Africa to end the spread of HIV/AIDS using continuum-care approach to treating patients, as well as, working on streamlining preventative methods, so that no one affected by the disease goes unnoticed.

One of the abstract presenters at this year’s International Aids Conference, was Africare’s own, Dr. Gregory Jagwer, Chief of Party, Africare South Africa, who is no stranger to the fight against AIDS, having dedicated over 17 years of his professional life researching and implementing strategies to treat HIV/AIDS in countries like Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Somaliland, Tanzania and now South Africa.

To view Dr. Jagwer 's and Dr. Maharaj's presentation on, “Impact of decentralized HIV Treatment Services at Primary Health Clinic in Eastern Cape, South Africa: Click here

To view Mr. Herbert Mugumya's presentation on, “Africare & DAI IMARISHA OVC Household Economic Assessment: Findings & Household Economic Strengthening (HES) success stories” from Africare’s Pamoja Tuwalee OVC program in Tanzania: Click here

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