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Give the Gift of Water this Holiday Season

When we talk about the work Africare does, people always ask, “What difference can my donation make?”

The answer is, it can make a BIG and very positive difference – water is life!  It is one of Africare’s core competencies and influences many other Africare programs.  In many African countries, consistent access to clean, safe water is elusive – making it available across the continent is a goal that Africare has been committed to reaching for decades and while things are improving, there remains much still to do.

Drop by drop; we are making strides toward providing access to clean, safe drinking water through many of the projects we implement.

Recently, Coca-Cola announced a partnership with DEKA and Africare to equip several of our health facilities in East Cape, South Africa –- where we are providing prevention, treatment and support services to People Living with HIV, with a cutting edge water purification system known as Slingshot technology, which was developed by DEKA.  The Slingshot is roughly the size of a suitcase and can safely, efficiently purify water from virtually any source and can be run by a gas powered, portable generator. 

Earlier this year donations from The African Well Fund, and Nathaniel Crossley  in partnership with P&G, Rotary, and H20 for Life, allowed us to build wells and  sanitation facilities  and provide hand washing programs for over 30,000 students and 20 teachers in schools in Tanzania and Malawi.

We know that making clean water available and implementing hand washing initiatives in schools can help reduce absenteeism and reduce the spread of water borne illnesses. We also know that a little bit of support can go a long way. For example:

  • A  small donation of $125 or more can build a hand washing station near a school or sanitation facility. 
  • $500 or more can create social behavior change programs to educate children on the importance of hand washing.
  • A donation of $1800 or more can build a well equipped with a pump.
  • A donation of $3000 or more can build a three-hole enclosed latrine.

Please donate whatever you can this holiday season and help us continue our work to provide access to clean, safe drinking water and give the gift of life!



Kendra E. Davenport

Chief Development & Communications Officer



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