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Here are speeches, editorials and other articles ― on many topics, covering many years ―
by Africare's staff and friends.

Women with TB and HIV

Women bear a disproportionate burden of Africa’s poverty -- a staggering 70 percent. Women must labor not only this under burden, but the burden of being the backbone of the rural economies, food production systems and providing basic necessities for their families. If a woman has TB, there is no one else to do the work. Read more >>

Addressing the Problem of Hunger in Africa
The global food crisis has now reached every corner of the world, pushing millions of people living in poverty to the edge of disaster. Africa is the world's poorest region: more than 210 million people live on less than U.S. $1 a day; more than 400 million live on less than U.S. $2 a day, and by 2015 that number is projected to reach 600 million.


The Challenge of Environmentally Sustainable Development in Africa
“Eco-friendly” strategies are becoming a top priority around the globe — International Development is no exception to the rule.  Africare President Julius E. Coles spoke at Princeton University April 11 on the new solutions demanded of some of Africa’s most challenging questions in development. Read More >>


"Don’t Give Up On Africa"
The news Americans hear about Africa these days is mostly bad. It is no wonder that some people ask, “Is there any hope for Africa?” Yes, there is reason for hope. There is another Africa, an emerging Africa .... Read more >>


"South Africa: Born Free"
Notes taken near Cape Town, June 5, 1986, at an emergency meeting of people displaced by vigilante attacks on the Crossroads squatter camp. "This would be a dark year in South Africa — perhaps the darkest of the apartheid era ...." Read more >>


"10 Ways You Can Help Africa"
I am often approached by people here in the U.S. who want to help the people of Africa but who also feel overwhelmed. "Can I really make a difference?" people ask. "Yes," I always tell them, "you can." Read more >>


"Giving Blood in Angola"
Pedro Siloka does not claim to be a hero. But for me, he is. He also is a symbol of the resilience of the Angolan people. They endured more than 40 years of struggle, starting with their fight against the Portuguese colonial regime in 1961. Read more >>


Africare President Emeritus Comments on President Bush's Trip to Africa
As President George W. Bush leaves on his first trip to Africa Monday [July 7, 2003], I am reminded of a trip I made to the continent in 1985 with his father, then-Vice President George H.W. Bush. Read more >>


"Sierra Leone: Peace at Any Cost?"
Sierra Leone is a metaphor for all that has gone awry in Africa. The former British colony embarked on independence in 1961 with a rich dowry of alluvial diamonds. These easily-smuggled gems have proved a curse .... Read more >>


"A Vote For the Africa Trade Bill"
This year [1999], the House and the Senate passed separate versions of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act. By boosting trade relations between the United States and the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, this legislation will unleash latent economic dynamism in Africa. Read more >>


"Nigeria's Delta Problem"
The oil produced in and around the Niger delta ― two million barrels each day ― accounts for more than 90 percent of Nigeria's export revenue. But the people of the delta have been complaining for years of being denied their fair share of the oil wealth. Read more >>


"Africa: The Next Century Is Ours!"
We are a human society full of contradictions. We have tremendous wealth in our hands, concentrated in a few people, a few corporations, a few nations. Yet the majority, billions of people not only in the developing world but also here, go hungry and without a home. Read more >>


"Betting on Nigeria"
Anyone wishing Africa well would be anxious to see Nigeria's continuing transition to democracy succeed. For all of Africa and for U.S. policy on the continent, the stakes are enormous. Read more >>


"Profit and Nonprofit"
If you leave here tonight with just one thought, let it be the idea that the private sector has a vested interest in developing long-term working relationships with NGOs. Read more >>


"Abandoning Africa"
The Dark Continent has become the Abandoned Continent. ... Cutting off aid to Africa is not in the best interests of America. The reasons are both practical and moral. Read more >>


"Southern Africa's Moment of Truth"
Southern Africa is not yet paradise, but it has evidently survived the worst. Considering what it has been through the past generation, it is Africa's best argument that the continent has an important role to play in securing the future of the planet. Read more >>


"Windhoek Rendezvous"
I first met Ben Amathila and John ya-Otto in the chill late afternoon of July 25, 1965. It was Amathila who picked me up in the Land Rover as I walked toward Windhoek's Old Location. I got in and unwittingly violated an apartheid law .... Read more >>


"Coping With Diversity"
Race, ethnicity, religion and culture have become increasingly complex and divisive factors in American life. And in the world at large, from Yugoslavia to Sri Lanka to South Africa, we have seen one nation after another ravaged by these same powerful forces. Read more >>


"Africa: Should We Be Involved?"
Should we be concerned about the farmer in a distant village in Niger, about the cattle herder in Mali who works hard and then sees his efforts destroyed because there isn't enough rain? Should we be concerned about people we shall never see, never know? Read more >>


"Foreign Aid Workers Programmed to Fail"
Defense, diplomacy and development: Together, these are the tools with which we maintain our security and protect our national interests abroad. Read more >>