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Colorful ceramic bowls line the tables of Norwich Green, Vermont, for a community event to raise money and awareness for global poverty. Photo by Jim Walsh

A Unique Way to Alleviate Global Hunger

Vermont community raises over $8,000 through “Giving Bowls” project

NORWICH, VT, October 14, 2007— Green bowls, red bowls, polka-dot bowls, and more! Hundreds of colorful bowls, in all shapes and sizes, lined the tables of Norwich Green, Vermont, on Sunday, October 14, as the community united to raise money and awareness to a very important issue: global hunger.

The fundraiser, nicknamed “The Giving Bowls Project,” used festive ceramic soup bowls to host a Soup and Bread Dinner for the Norwich community. The handmade bowls were symbolic of the empty bowls, which in turn symbolize the stomachs that go without food every day all over the world.

Tracy Smith, longtime art teacher at the Marion Cross School in Norwich, led a group of school parents and community volunteers in the effort to raise money and awareness to issues of hunger across the world. Ceramic bowls, handcrafted in the summer and fall by local potters and school children from the Marion Cross School, were used to serve the soup-and-bread dinner.

“Gorgeous bowls, hot soups, yummy breads and baked goodies,” Smith recalled as she described the days festivities. “Good music, welcoming tents, the smell of wood fire, and generous people of all ages. That's community ... our Norwich community ... at its best. Open hearts with such spirit and energy!”

Canned goods and other non-perishable items were collected at the dinner and distributed to local food pantries. Africare was nominated to receive the cash proceeds from the event, totaling more than $8,000. Africare Deputy Director of Health and HIV/AIDS, Dr. Clarence S. Hall, was present at the event to thank the organizers and community for their participation and generosity in support of Africare's project.


"It was a honor to attend such a heart-warming and successful fundraiser for Africare and the local food pantry," noted Hall. "I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many friendly people and witnessing a rather unique fundraiser that demonstrated what a small community can do to contribute to international development through Africare."

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