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Congressman Donald Payne (D-N.J.) gives thank you speech at Africare House. Congressman Payne was honored by Washington, DC-area nonprofit organizations for his recent appointment as Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health.

Feb. 8 Reception Celebrates Appointment of Congressman Donald Payne to Chairmanship, House Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health

WASHINGTON, DC, February 8, 2007 — Representatives of area nonprofit organizations and supporters of development work in Africa gathered at Africare House on Thursday evening, February 8, for a reception celebrating Congressman Donald M. Payne's (D-N.J.) appointment to the Chairmanship of the Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health. The committee is one of several under the House of Representatives' Committee on Foreign Affairs, which was established in 1775 as the first institution to represent the United States on matters of global concern. Payne will continue his record of leadership in U.S. policy on Africa by leading this subcommittee on global health matters as well as issues such as trade, human rights and humanitarian assistance on the African continent.

“Congressman Payne has been at the forefront of efforts to raise awareness of the conditions facing the African continent,” noted Africare President Julius E. Coles. “We are proud to host him at Africare House, and we celebrate his appointment among friends and supporters who believe in the importance of improving the quality of life for the people in Africa.”

Congressman Payne, who became New Jersey's first African American member of Congress when he was elected to represent the 10th Congressional District of New Jersey in 1988, has an established record of support to the restoration of democracy and the advancement of human rights around the globe. During the Clinton Administration, Payne was selected as one of five members of Congress to accompany the President and First Lady on a six-nation tour of Africa — until that time, the longest and most extensive trip to Africa made by any sitting U.S. president. In the mid-1990s, he also headed a Presidential mission to war-torn Rwanda to explore solutions to the country's political and humanitarian crisis.

His most recent success, however, was the passage of a resolution that declared the situation in Darfur, Sudan, to be "genocide": a nearly two-year effort, which he co-sponsored.

The February 8 reception at Africare House was filled with food, testimonials, music and a special video presentation prepared by the sponsoring organizations as a tribute to Payne’s dedication and work on the African continent.

The evening's events were sponsored in part by the Academy for Educational Development, Africare, the Constituency for Africa, the Corporate Council on Africa, the Leon Sullivan Foundation, the National Summit on Africa and the Whitaker Group.

To view the Payne tribute video, click here.

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