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U.S. President and First Lady Visit
Africare COPE Project in Tanzania

On February 15, 2008, President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush landed in Tanzania where they visited several development projects to highlight HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention initiatives on the continent. The president's goodwill tour focused on the success stories of U.S. humanitarian aid in Africa.  Africare program activities were among several development projects visited during his tour. Learn more here >>

Mrs. Bush at COPE project Mrs. Bush in Tanzania
First Ladies Laura Bush of the United States and Salma Kikwete of Tanzania look on as a young Tanzanian girl explains how the work of Africare and other organizations impacts her life. More than a million children have been orphaned because of AIDS in this East African country. First Ladies Laura Bush of the United States and Salma Kikwete of Tanzania learn more about the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania. Africare provides essential services to these children such as access to education and healthcare services.



Africare is a leading non-profit organization specializing in African aid. It is also the oldest and largest African-American led organization in that field. Since its founding in 1970, Africare has delivered more than $710 million in assistance and support — over 2,000 projects and millions of beneficiaries —to 36 countries Africa-wide. Africare has its international headquarters in Washington, DC, with field offices currently in some 23 African countries.


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