A New Africare in a New Africa

October , 2011

Last year Africare celebrated our 40th Anniversary--four decades of helping thirty million men, women and youth across the continent lift themselves out of poverty.

As we look ahead, we are renewing our approach to development to keep pace with and contribute to the renewal that is very quietly taking place across the African continent.

For more than a decade now many African countries have been very quietly making very real and sustained economic, social and political progress.  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says Africa is now “at its best period of sustainable development.” Sub-Saharan Africa is on the threshold of an unprecedented opportunity for growth and transformation.

But there are major challenges ahead for Africa. Despite its impressive gains, Africa continues to face persistent, long-term development challenges, including chronic food insecurity, the challenges of maternal and child health, women’s empowerment, youth employment and chronic diseases, which are all core priorities of Africare’s.

Forty years from now almost one in four people on the planet will live in Africa.  With a population larger than both India and China, Africa will need to more than quadruple for Africa to feed itself.  By 2050 at current trends it is likely that nearly one out of every five Africans will still lack access to clean water and more than one in four will have no access to safe sanitation.  Without effective HIV prevention and sustained treatment, the total number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa will continue to grow.

We at Africare are raising our game to better help Africa address those challenges by helping Africa:

  • feed itself in the face of climate change and growing water stress
  • create economic opportunities, especially for young people and women
  • cope with and manage chronic diseases
  • leverage growing private investment in Africa for broad-based economic growth

We are doing it by building on our core competencies developed over forty years of developing sustainable solutions that have a real impact on the lives of people in the areas of agriculture and food security, water and sanitation, and health and HIV/AIDS.

 During our 40th Anniversary last year, Africare re-dedicated itself to helping Africa address its challenges by not only building on our past successes but also by re-focusing our emphasis on:

    • Connecting and empowering Africans;
    • Enhancing our strong community programs which are rooted in and guided by African priorities, skills, talents, and insights;
    • Ensuring a strong focus on skills transfer;
    • Creating leaders out of beneficiaries; and
    • A relentless focus on measurable grassroots impact and sustainability.

The New Africare in a New Africa is also strengthening its technical capabilities in its core areas of business and financial and results reporting systems. We are putting heavy emphasis on monitoring, evaluation and learning, sharing our experience of what works and scaling up what has already been proven by others to work.

We are also working more in partnership to enhance our impact. We are especially focused on creating partnerships with businesses based on mutual benefit and cooperation to jointly tackle the social challenges that businesses cannot tackle alone, but are key to their long-term success.

We at Africare are very excited by the tremendous opportunities ahead....IT'S THE NEW AFRICARE BABY!!!


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