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Africare featured in Fortune Magazine



November, 21st, 2011- Rebirth of a Continent: Special Advertising Section- "African Countries have been crying out for better trade and investment as a way to build stronger more sustainable economies," says Darius Mans, President of Africare, a 41-year old non-profit that provides development aid to more than 25 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. "The 21st-century Africa offers great partnership opportunities with the private sector for projects that will provide tremendous long term opportunities,"

Development is happening on a smaller, but no less significant, scale as well. Africare President Mans proudly point to a project in Zimbabwe that is enabling smaller farmers to increase soybean production through better yielding seeds that can withstand the region's frequent droughts." There have been too many young people leaving to go to cities because there is no future in agriculture," he says.

The Zimbabwe project- funded by the Rockefeller Foundation- is making a point: that with education, better farm management, and improved post-harvest storage, young men and women can run viable, sustainable, income producing farm businesses.