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Policy Discussion with Assistant Secretary of State

Dr. Mans (standing, right side) and Ambassador Robin Sanders (standing, left side) participate in key high-level meeting on Africa with Ambassador Carson at the Department of State, February 24, 2011.

On February 24, 2011, Africare's president Darius Mans attended a high-level policy discussion on Africa led by Assistant Secretary of State Ambassador Johnnie Carson. Attendees discussed a range of major issues facing sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and what the Obama Administration is doing to address, support, and advance key democracy and development issues on the Continent. Dr. Mans was one of only a handful of select leaders of development organizations invited to attend the closed-door meeting. The meeting was an opportunity for Americans of African descent to have a frank and off-the-record conversation with the Assistant Secretary on a range of issues and topics concerning US and African relations.

In addition to discussing democracy and development issues, the closed-door group raised many questions regarding how their organizations can protect and increase resources for key programs for SSA, particularly the overall United States Government (USG) foreign affairs budget and resources for key social sector programs. They also raised concerns about ensuring that the USG maintains its focus on projects that not only support women and democracy, but also education, economic growth, food security and health. Ambassador Carson took note of the issues raised by the organizations and also asked for the groups' support in working with him and the Administration to address some of the major issues facing the region today (click here for meeting summary).


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