May 2009

This Mother’s Day, Africare invites you to make a special contribution in honor of someone you cherish and in support of mothers in Africa. Your contribution will carry a special meaning as it passes through the hands of families across the African continent, beginning with one of the most cherished and central contributors to the African family: Women!
African women are the mothers, the farmers, the fetchers of water, and the ones who preform all of the other essentials of running and maintaining the African family. They stand as the backbone of their communities and represent the promise of growth and sustainability in Africa.

Your gift this Mother’s Day can do what it has never done before-- change lives! Change a life like Adama's:

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By implementing programs that empower women through the areas of education, health, water, and agriculture, Africare not only reaches out to women but to their families and communities as well.  For 39 years, Africare has worked to close the gender gap in Africa while simultaneously employing solutions for sustainable development on the continent.
Over one 170 projects like the one above span every region of the African continent.  All place women at the forefront of development in an effort to improve the quality of life for the people in Africa .

Your gift to a special Mom this year can change a life, change a community, change a continent! Thank you for your support!

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How do I donate On-line?
Africare Mother's Day Gift
Your contribution to Africare this Mother’s Day can improve lives and build futures across the African continent. 
Make your donation by May 6th, and Africare will post a special recognition of your donation within a tribute page to Mothers on the Africare website.
Begin steps to make your donation now:
1)      Click the donation link to the left (or simply click here)

2)      Fill in all appropriate name, contact and billing information

3)      In the drop-down menu, select “Mother’s Day Gift” donation

4)      Include details about who your gift is made “in honor of” within the special notes box

On May 10th, Mother’s Day, you will be able to view your contribution on-line here.
Thank you for your support!
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