October  2009

Africare continues its new Pass It On! Campaign with an empowering story out of Senegal about a group of women using their gift of art to strengthen their community.
Colorful pieces of tightly woven fabric are used to make dozens of handmade dolls in the Diembering village of Southern Senegal.  But these are not your average dolls -- they stand as a symbol of strength and innovation in the community.  For each doll sold, money is reinvested back into the village’s health clinics… small steps that are making a big difference for healthcare in Senegal.
“These dolls are very important because as soon as we sell them we will be able to use that money to take care of our [community's] needs," notes NDeye Traore’, founder of a women’s group that first began making the dolls in 2004.

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Here you can read a detailed story about NDeye, the Africare-Senegal Community Health Project, and watch a video testimony straight from NDeye!

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On November 3rd, Africare is bringing these colorful dolls to Washington, DC, to share with all attendees of the 2009 Bishop Walker Memorial Dinner, the largest annual fund raising event for Africa in the U.S.

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