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December 4th

Donor Spotlight:
The Oregon Shakespeare Festival produces an annual show to benefit HIV & AIDS programs world-wide, including Africare's work. They research organizations for strength and efficacy, and they have entrusted donations to Africare through their Daedalus Project HIV/AIDS benefit since 2000. Meet the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

November 29th

In Zimbabwe, male project participants requested training to become better caregivers for households affected by HIV & AIDS. These men grew in their traditional roles and broke down gender barriers. Something to celebrate!

November 19th

Donor Spotlight:
The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc. has entrusted Africare with their philanthropy for more than 20 years, and they recently decided to become Africare Life Members. Meet NANBPWC, Inc.

Leaving a Footprint on Children's Lives
Africare/Liberia and Africare/Malawi are augmenting their projects by distributing TOMS Shoes and helping their project communities to hold a happier, healthier future in trust for their children.

November 14th

Increased agricultural yields through improved planting techniques; reliable transportation for products from farm to market; access to agro-processing technologies; support for successful co-operatives. All accomplished through listening, partnering and knowledge transfer. These are reasons why local communities and families grow to trust Africare.

November 12th

November 11th

When boys are educated, they have a greater understanding of their options. When you trust Africare, it allows us to work with youth on reproductive health - positively influencing lifestyle choices for years to come.

November 5th

November 1st

Africare works with women to create environments that foster sustainable community businesses. Rokoulet Brigitte from Doba, Chad now owns a restaurant! When Brigitte is not acting as the president of her local co-operative with 17 members, she employs four people at her restaurant and supports six children and five elders with the income she earns. Busy lady!

October 29th

October 24th

In 2012, Africare-supported women farmers in Doba, Chad raised 190,499kg of produce, yielding a surplus that generated over $1,300 in income at local markets.

October 22nd

October 16th

Farmers Stop "Losing Ground": Africare/Ghana Builds Trust in the Field
Ghanaian farmers often use methods such as slash-and-burn agriculture that only work in the short-term. Learn how Africare builds the trust required for farmers to adopt non-traditional techniques.

October 15th

Photo: Alexandra Seegers

In 2012, Africare projects treated or referred more than 538,500 children under 5 for malaria services.

October 9th

Saying What We Mean: How 94 Cents of Every Africare Dollar Goes to Programs in Africa
Africare's President, Darius Mans, outlines how overhead statistics are generated to shed more light on the non-profit business model and to more fully explain how Africare donors help us achieve our impact.