guinea bissau enterprise

(Adam Finck photo)

A bustling outdoor market — a weekly "storefront" for a local association's 2,000 members — was established where, before, there was none.

Results in Guinea-Bissau

Between 1989 and 2000, Africare supported microenterprise development in outlying areas of Guinea-Bissau, one of the 10 poorest countries in the world.

  • For example, with credit from Africare, the 16-member Fishermen's Association of Cassumba was able to buy outboard motors for three of its boats. They began fishing much wider areas; and as a result, their catch increased sixfold to about 3,000 kilograms per day. By 1993, their markets had expanded, too, reaching beyond the borders of Guinea-Bissau into Guinea and Senegal.
  • Africare training enabled the women soapmakers of Daruda to improve the quality of their product and the volume of their sales. The women used some of their profits to start a second enterprise: local retail sales of merchandise bought in bulk in the capital city of Bissau.
  • Also with training from Africare, the Commerce and Transport Association of Quitafine increased its income by nearly 80 percent during the early 1990s. They went on to establish a bustling outdoor market ― a weekly "storefront" for some 2,000 association members ― where before there was none.


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