Clean, Clear Water

Quote: “These people who brought this water…have saved my life and given me hope.”

Issue: Water

Country: Ghana

Full Story:

The goal of Africare’s Water for Ghana Cocoa Farmers, funded by the African Well Fund, is to provide potable water to the 13,000 inhabitants in several villages in Central and Western Ghana. The only water sources available to most of the targeted communities had been dugouts, pond water, and streams, which are inadequate and polluted; many dry up and disappear during the dry seasons. Women and children spend hours in search of water, resulting in loss of time and energy, both impacting on education and the cocoa farming, their sole source of family income.

In collaboration and consultation with Ghana Health Service, District Water and Sanitation Agency, local partners and the village volunteers, the three-phase Water for Ghana Cocoa Farmers project has consisted of hand-digging new covered wells fitted with pumps, rehabilitating existing wells and installing improved latrines. Community volunteers have been involved in the construction of the wells, training in water management, and community health.

Yaa Manssa is a young girl in Akokofe, Ghana. She always thought water was white in color because that is the only kind of water she ever encountered. She also had to spend about 90 percent of her daily life fetching water, especially during the dry season. Yaa had this to say, “These people who brought this water must have been reading what is in my mind. They have saved my life and given me hope and time to do other things during the day.”

Boateng, a cocoa farmer in the Jaman community, expressed it this way. “Africare and African Well Fund: but for you we could never have dreamt of getting good water.”

An elder in the village of Nkwantanum, Nartey, could not hide his joy when he saw work started on the well in his village. “The community’s lifetime dream has been fulfilled thanks to Africare and the African Well Fund.” 


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