An Independent Wife and a Happy Husband

Quote: “I am currently a joyful and respected woman in the community.”

Issue: Women’s empowerment

Country: Burkina Faso

Full Story:

Ever since her wedding in 1989, Rakieta Sawadogo has been an aviculturist – she raises poultry. But traditional beliefs limited the quantity of hens women could raise, regardless of potential production, so Rakieta’s annual production rarely exceeded 10 hens. Together she and her husband were not able to pay the school fees for their children, to purchase adequate food for their family, and least of all to invest in her business.

In 2007, Africare began an agriculture and nutrition program in her village of Ridimbo in the Tougo Department of Burkina Faso. This program not only taught better techniques – equally important, it sensitized men to allow women to practice livestock activities. Rakieta began the new program with 20 hens.

“The number of my current animals is 175. The income generated by the sale of the poultry enabled me to pay the schooling and the clothing of my four children, to buy condiments to improve the food consumption of my family and to reinvest in my aviculture manufacturing unit. I am currently a joyful and respected woman in the community. Materially and financially, I do not depend anymore on my husband. It is together that we fight to bring ourselves to the level of ‘least food insecure’ household. Let me thank once again the Africare Zondoma Food Security program, which contributes to women’s empowerment and to the improvement of living conditions of the poor in general. God bless you.”

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