What are you thankful for?  It’s a simple question that we’re posing at a time of the year, when many Americans reflect on the multitude of things for which they are grateful.  Because this is an election year, we are particularly cognizant of just how fortunate we are in this country to freely exercise our political views, to safely vote for the candidate of our choice and to tangibly influence the way our government operates.

On a more personal level, as Thanksgiving approaches and the holidays beckon, and so many of us stop and think about the people and things that really make us happy and enrich our lives, we wanted to learn more about what people are truly grateful for.  In that spirit, we thought it would be inspiring and intriguing to hear from our constituents, supporters, followers, staff and even beneficiaries about what you are thankful for. The responses our question has generated so far online, on Twitter and on Facebook, have made us smile and given us pause.  We will continue to post as many of the photos and sentiments we receive on our website through the end of the year and I encourage you to share with us what you’re thankful for.

At Africare, we’re thankful for you!  We’re thankful for the thousands of visitors to our website every month who take the time to read what we post, to learn about what we’re doing in Africa, and often, make a donation before leaving; we’re thankful for the many friends who “like” us on Facebook and who spread the word about the great work Africare is doing in some 20 African countries today; we’re thankful for the generous support we receive in the mail, at our events, and through the Combined Federal Campaign, from donors all over the globe.  Your engagement and support allows us to continue doing what we do best – improving the quality of life for the people of Africa.

What are we thankful for . . . again, at Africare, we’re thankful for you.

Kendra Davenport
Chief Development & Communications Officer