Our Results

Mashonaland Central Soybean Linkages Phase II

Stand Out Results:

  • In 2006 alone, 62 hectares generated 50 tons of soybean seeds and 215 tons of soybeans were sold through bulk sales. An estimated 185 tons were retained for consumption and seed. 
  • Approximately 120 metric tons of soybeans harvested in target communities were dedicated to the agro-processing and marketing of soybean oil.
  • Reached a 95 percent repayment rate on loans capitalized through project funds and member savings.

Mashonaland Central Soybean Linkages Phase II

Funders: Rockefeller Foundation Funding

Budget: $412,522 

Country/Timeframe: Zimbabwe/ 2004-2007  

The Problem:  The smallholder farmers in Mashonaland have been affected by successive droughts and poor agricultural policies that are causing low productivity, minimal access to markets, and low-income security. 

Long-Term Goal of Project:To empower smallholder farmers in growing high value, drought tolerant, nutrient-fortified crops in order to improve sustainable household, food and income security.

Project Objectives:

  • Increase soybean production through enhanced seed multiplication techniques.
  • Increase access to microcredit opportunities for agro-processing inputs.
  • Establishing a community driven, soybean oil-processing industry.
  • Promote proper post-harvest handling and storage techniques.
  • Facilitate marketing of soybean grain within local and regional markets through farmer-led soybean commodity associations.

Direct Beneficiaries: 5,320 farmers.