Our Results

Zondoma Food Security Initiative Phase II (ZFSI II)

Stand Out Results:

  • Africare’s Food Security Community Capacity Index measured a 65 percent increase in capacity.
  • Nearly $1.9 million was granted to smallholder farmers through the project’s microfinance institution with a reimbursement rate of 99 percent.
  • The number of months of adequate household food provisioning increased by almost 10 percent, indicating increased agricultural productivity.
  • The percentage of underweight children under 3 decreased from 41 percent to 33 percent.
  • 731 moderate and severely malnourished children between 0-36 months old were rehabilitated.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding by mothers increased from 9.7 percent to 33.1 percent.
  • The utilization of improved livestock techniques by households increased from 11 percent to 62 percent.

Zondoma Food Security Initiative Phase II

Funders: USAID

Budget: $9.6 Million (plus cost-extension funds)

Country/Timeframe: Burkina Faso/ 2005-2010 

The Problem: The Zondoma Province in Burkina Faso is one of the poorest and least food-secure areas in the country meeting only 66 percent of its food needs. 

Long-Term Goal of Project: To increase the ability of the Zondoma Province to manage future risks by building stronger, more diversified livelihood systems based on local resources.

Project Objectives:

  • Facilitate farmer adoption of high-yield, drought-resistant systems of animal husbandry and crop production.
  • Protect and build community and household-level assets by developing more diversified income-earning opportunities.
  • Increase household access to nutrition, health services and clean water.
  • Provide technical, literacy, management, and entrepreneurial training courses.

Direct Beneficiaries: 36,481 individuals.