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(Photo: Jake Lyell)


“To me a woman is not less than a man. We have women who are the head of the household, taking care of children. If in the past, we used to say, ‘You’re only a woman,’ it is because we were illiterate. Our fathers did not know that we could go to school and go to work in an office like men do. No, a woman has the same value as a man.”

Halime Outman, IEEWEP Participant



Batha and Ouaddaï Food Security Initiative
Donor: USAID
Location: Batha and Ouaddaï regions
Purpose: Reduce community risk and vulnerability to food insecurity; improve community health and strengthen livelihood systems and resilience

Initiative for the Economic Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs
ExxonMobil Foundation
Location: Logone Oriental Region
Purpose: Increase the level of skill, productivity, socioeconomic stability, literacy and income of women
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