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Egypt (Google Maps)


History of Africare in Egypt:

Africare's involvement in Egypt began in 1981, with a donation of medical supplies and equipment to the Ministry of Health for use by hospitals and rural clinics in need. In 1996, Africare began assisting the nation in a large-scale endeavor to "reclaim" 28,000 acres of desert land in Wadi El Saayda — making it farmable through irrigation and soil enhancement, making it habitable through the construction of settlements and then recruiting several hundred young, previously unemployed farmers to bring the area to life. Several agencies, lead among them the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, were involved in the Wadi El Saayda project. Africare's assistance included farmer training, equipment maintenance, credit, export promotion, and more. New settlers learned the best farming techniques and how to earn income from farming. That program ended in 2004.