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Africare possesses continent-wide experience that spans a total of 36 countries and addresses a wide range of core problems faced by the African people. To learn more about Africare’s work, select any country below or use the dropdown menu to the right, beneath the map. Below, countries with active Africare projects appear in orange, and countries where Africare has operated in the past appear in gray.

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West Africa:  
Benin Liberia
Burkina Faso Mali
Cape Verde Mauritania
Cote d'Ivoire Niger
The Gambia Nigeria
Ghana Senegal
Guinea Sierra Leone
East Africa:  
Eritrea Sudan (Present Day South Sudan)
Ethiopia Tanzania
Kenya Uganda
North Africa:  
Central Africa:  
Burundi Democratic Republic of the Congo
Central African Republic Rwanda
Southern Africa:  
Angola Namibia
Lesotho South Africa
Malawi Zambia



Africare-assisted countries since 1970
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 2012 Africare assistance

 Past Africare assistance

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Note: The menu shows the 36 African countries where Africare has worked, not the other African countries.