Note: The menu shows the 36 African countries where Africare has worked, not the other African countries.


(Photo: Sheila McKinnon)


Improving Potable Water Access and Hygiene
Donor: African Well Fund/H2O for Life/Proctor & Gamble/Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group
Implementing Partners: Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education in Mulanje District
Location: Mulanje District
Purpose: Improve water supply sanitation infrastructure and promote positive hygiene behavior in communities

Integrated (HIV Effect) Mitigation and Positive Action for Community Transformation
Donor: USAID
Implementing Partner: CRS
Location: Mulanje District
Purpose: Improve quality of life and lessen the impact of HIV for OVC and PLHIV

TOMS Shoe Distribution
Donor: TOMS
Purpose: Improve school attendance, boost self-esteem and safeguard children from injury and disease

Vegetables for Income and Nutrition in Eastern and Southern Africa
Donors: Asian Vegetable Research Center/The World Vegetable Center/Australian Center for International Agricultural Research
Implementing Partner: Bvumbe Agricultural Research Station
Location: Ntcheu District, Central Region
Purpose: Reduce malnutrition and increase incomes by promoting traditional and global vegetables, emphasizing value chains in peri-urban corridors

Wellness and Agriculture for Life Advancement
Donor: USAID
Implementing Partner: CRS
Location: Mulanje District, targeting 33 communities
Purpose: Improve food security, nutrition status and economic growth in target communities