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Mali (Google Maps)


In the wake of Nelson Mandela's passing, the Africare/Mali office remembers him this way:

Tribute to Mandela

We recently celebrated your 95 years of life;
A historically significant life and
Mythically engraved in the minds and in the hearts of the 7 billion neighbors.

Here in Nara in Mali, at more than 10,000 km from your place of rest,
in the deep Sahel, even tormented by insecurity, malnutrition, irredentism and terrorism,
our thoughts go to you, your struggle and your works.
Africare, of which you are the Honorary Board Chairman, is fighting against food insecurity, disease, and poverty to improve the quality of life of men, women and children in your honor.

The world will remember that even at the cost of your life, you said No to Injustice and 
Through forgiveness and reconciliation, you have made emerge a rainbow nation with  justice, tolerance and living together.

You have shown the way forward for Africa and for the world.

Thank you Madiba!

So that the torch of justice, equality, forgiveness and reconciliation that you've worn above your life during turns ever.

You will forever remain in our hearts.

Africare/Mali Bamako Office Staff


Africare began operations in Mali in 1974.

Since that time, Africare/Mali has invested more than $41,000,000 through projects addressing…

•Agriculture & Food Security
•Civil Society Capacity Building
•Health, HIV & AIDS
•Humanitarian and Emergency Relief
•Good Governance
•Natural Resource Management
•Private Sector Capacity Strengthening
•Water Management
•Women’s Empowerment

…reaching an estimated 705,600 beneficiaries.

Success in Mali

Africare introduced the System of Rice Intensification to Mali’s Timbuktu region, successfully increasing average rice yields from 4.86 to 9.1 metric tons per hectare while reducing water requirements, chemical fertilizer dependency and input-related costs. This resulted in substantial gains in income, and the project earned an Interaction Best Practice Initiative Award in 2011.

The results of Africare’s Timbuktu Food Security Initiative (TFSI) in building community resilience were tested in 2012 when northern Mali was occupied by armed groups, forcing Africare to relocate out of Timbuktu. Commerce slowed, and access to agricultural inputs became a great challenge. Members of the local federation of rice cooperatives, confident in the systems and capacities developed by TFSI, implemented a plan to maintain their value-chain, and their work enabled one of the best rice campaigns in more than 10 years.