Note: The menu shows the 36 African countries where Africare has worked, not the other African countries.


(Photo: Sheila McKinnon)

“With Africare, our village looks different. The village is now enlightened because through the literacy program that Africare brought here, we can now better take care of our activities. We can read, calculate and understand the progress of our activities. It’s very important for us.”


-Moudouwoye Alassane of the Community of Feindoukaina



Dibaro WASH Project
Donor: African Well Fund
Location: Dibaro Village, Koulikoro Region
Purpose: Provide clean water and sanitation facilities for school children and staff

Emergency Operations Phase II
Donor: WFP
Location: Timbuktu Region
Purpose: Provide food and nutrition assistance to vulnerable communities affected by food insecurity

Community Asset Rehabilitation Project
Donor: World Food Programme
Location: Dire Circle
Purpose: Strengthen community resilience by rehabilitating village irrigated perimeters, constructing and restoring post-harvest storage facilities, and reclaiming land with tree planting and vegetable gardens