Note: The menu shows the 36 African countries where Africare has worked, not the other African countries.


(Photo: Sheila McKinnon)

“With Africare, our village looks different. The village is now enlightened because through the literacy program that Africare brought here, we can now better take care of our activities. We can read, calculate and understand the progress of our activities. It’s very important for us.”


-Moudouwoye Alassane of the Community of Feindoukaina



Africare Regional Rainfed Agriculture Project
Donor: AusAID
Implementing Partners: Institute of Rural Economy and National Department of Agriculture
Location: Koulikoro Region
Purpose: Improve the adoption of best practices for water harvesting and conservation

FY13 Accomplishments:
Formed steering committee and held first meeting, adopting an annual action plan
-Identified five technologies to train farmers to use, selecting 10 pilot famers to conduct demonstration plots
-Held training of trainers for dissemination of technologies

Emergency Operations Phase II
Donor: WFP
Location: Timbuktu Region
Purpose: Provide food and nutrition assistance to vulnerable communities affected by food insecurity

FY13 Accomplishments:
Distributed 716.99 tons of food to 20,595 vulnerable persons
-Provided supplementary food to 1,530 pregnant and lactating women
-Assisted 3,062 children between six months and five years old with blanket feeding

Reinforcement of Vulnerable Household Resilience in Northern Mali
Donor: FAO
Location: Timbuktu Region
Purpose: Support vulnerable populations in Timbuktu by providing seed, fertilizers, and training in agricultural and nutritional practices

FY13 Accomplishments:
Provided 19,800 kilograms of seed to 7,190 beneficiaries
-Trained 2,310 farmers on good production practices
-Instructed 210 women on good nutrition practices

 Timbuktu Food Security Initiative/Nara Reprogramming
Location: Circle of Nara, Koulikoro Region
Purpose: Build the resilience of targeted beneficiaries in response to severe food insecurity following a poor agricultural season

FY13 Accomplishments:
Delivered 306,180 tons of bulgur to 1,701 vulnerable households affected by food insecurity in 17 villages
-Trained 546 individuals, including 525 women, on improved kitchen gardening techniques
-Tested 7,669 children under 5 in 25 villages for nutrition status