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Photo: Africare/Tanzania


Cash for Work
Donor: USAID
Implementing Partner: WWF
Location: Sikonge District, Tabora Region
Purpose: Provide opportunities for rural households to generate income and support the management of Ipole Wildlife Management Area (WMA) through improvement and development of key infrastructure

Recruited and hired 1,693 labor workers to construct roads, buildings and sign-posts
-Constructed and installed WMA structures with 100% achievement

Community Empowerment for Mtakuja Village
Donors: Tina & Michael Chambers
Location: Urambo District, Tabora Region
Purpose: Develop social infrastructure that will empower communities in Mtakuja Village

Constructed one classroom for Mtakuja Primary School
-Began training for 34 women on sewing and business skills

KAYA Community Care Initiative
Donor: CDC
Implementing Partner: Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania
Location: Mara, Manyara and Kagera regions
Purpose: Scale up Home-Based Care (HBC) services and support for PLWHA and their households

Supported 13,808 PLWHA with HBC services and registration at health facilities
-Reached 2,218 households with assistance accessing microfinance credit services and livelihood support
-Provided Gender-Based Violence (GBV) services to 2,930 clients
-Participants earned $143,098

Lake Zone Health & Economic Development Initiative
Donors: African Barrick Gold/USAID
Implementing Partner: Tanzania Chamber of Minerals and Energy
Location: Tarime District, Mara Region
Purpose: Improve the health status among households within the artisanal and small-scale mining communities

Supported 9,638 clients with prevention services against HIV
-Counseled and tested 2,592 pregnant women for HIV

Maternal and Newborn Child Health “Wazazi na Mwana” Project
Donor: CIDA
Implementing Partners: Plan International and Jhpiego
Location: Rukwa Region
Purpose: Improve Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) by improving access to high quality and reliable MNCH facilities and services and enhancing the capacity of communities to manage childhood illnesses

Equipped and motivated 822 Community Health Workers (CHWs) to conduct outreach and provide referrals to health centers
-Trained 2,890 CHWs and 578 community leaders on collecting pregnancy-related data

Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program
Implementing Partners: CONSENUTH, Deloitte Consulting Ltd., The Manoff Group, and Tanzania Food and Nutrition Center
Location: Morogoro, Dodoma, Manyara and Zanzibar Islands regions
Purpose: Improve the nutritional status of children and pregnant and lactating women by delivering quality nutrition education and communication, strengthening community-based nutrition services and providing social behavior-changing education

-Established 1,714 Peer Suppor Groups comprising 9,458 members
-Trained 1,970 stakeholders, 162 CHWs and 45 cultural groups on the risks of anemia and stunting
-Reached 551,244 children under 5 with nutrition services
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Pamoja Tuwalee OVC Program
Location: Njombe, Iringa, Dodoma and Singida regions
Purpose: Improve the wellbeing of Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) and their caregivers by increasing their access to high quality, community-level comprehensive health and social services, and through household economic strengthening activities

-Formed 553 Savings and Internal Lending Communities, supporting 15,364 in education
-Reached 16,126 MVC households with Household Economic Strengthening
-Provided psychosocial support and care to 80,629 MVC
-Reached 12,929 individuals with GBV messages

Universal HIV & AIDS Counseling and Testing
Donor: USAID
Implementing Partner: Jhpiego
Location: Iringa, Njombe, Tanga and Tabora regions
Purpose: Increase access to and use of HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC) services

Reached 1,265,097 clients with HTC
-Referred 17,222 HIV-positive clients to care and treatment centers

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project
Donors: African Well Fund/H2O for Life/Procter & Gamble/Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group
Implementing Partners: Local government authorities
Location: Dodoma Region
Purpose: Promote positive change toward proper hygiene and sanitation practices

Distributed 36,000 PUR sachets for water purification
-Trained 7,640 students and 134 teachers in 15 primary schools on proper hygiene practices and water purification
- Installed rain harvesting infrastructures and water tanks in 11 primary schools

Youth Economic Empowerment and Livelihood Project
Donor: British Gas Group
Location: Mtwara Region
Purpose: Empower youth entrepreneurs to undertake viable enterprises to improve their livelihoods, create employment opportunities and enhance their income earning potential

Conducted a scoping study to identify livelihood options and challenges for youth in Mtwara Mikindani Municipal Council and Mtwara District Council
-Prepared a Youth Economic Empowerment and Livelihood Proposal to empower 1,500 youth entrepreneurs by 2016