Note: The menu shows the 36 African countries where Africare has worked, not the other African countries.


Photo: Sheila McKinnon


Donor: USAID
Implementing Partner: CNFA
Purpose: Strengthen community resilience to food-related shocks

Crops and Livestock Inputs Support
Donor: FAO
Location: Masvingo and Midlands provinces
Purpose: Promote food security by strengthening the capacity of marginalized famers in productive agronomic practices and livestock management

Drought Mitigation Project
Donor: FAO
Location: Masvingo and Midlands provinces
Purpose: Save large livestock of vulnerable households in semi-arid regions from drought

Health and Nutrition Project
Donor: WFP
Location: Midlands Province
Purpose: Provide nutrition rehabilitation for PLWHA, people with tuberculosis, malnourished nursing mothers and children under 5

Joint Initiative Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project
Implementing Partners: CARE, CRS, Mercy Corps and Oxfam GB
Location: Chitungwiza District
Purpose: Increase communities’ resilience to water and sanitation-related shocks such as disease outbreaks

Livelihoods Improvement Project
Donors: New Zealand Aid Programme
Purpose: Enhance the economic capacity and food and nutrition capacity of chronically poor households through increased agricultural production, marketing and community-managed microfinance

Seasonal Targeted Assistance Project
Donor: WFP
Location: Midlands province
Purpose: Reduce food deficits in very vulnerable households while strengthening the social protection and livelihoods of drought-stricken communities

Improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Rural Areas of Zimbabwe
Location: Gokwe South and North districts, Midlands Province; Bikita and Mhondoro Ngezi districts
Reduce morbidity and mortality due to WASH related diseases, reduce the burden of water collection on women and girls, and improve dignity, basic education outcomes, gender equality and progress toward the MDGs by 2015