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One small drop in a pool of water can create an ongoing ripple effect, and 10-year-old Nathaniel Crossley has taken on the roll of becoming that drop. What started out as his personal “get well” Facebook page for U2 lead singer Bono, has now exploded into an extraordinary fundraising campaign that will help 30 different schools in Malawi and Tanzania.

As of now, Crossley has collected nearly $8,000 toward building his fourth water well for a project that will provide PUR water purification tables, improved water supply, and the promotion of sanitation and hygiene among hundreds of African students and teachers.

The money collected by his fundraiser will be coupled with a whopping $60,000 contributed by the African Well Fund (AWF), and is expected to be ready by April 30th.

According to Crossley, who currently attends Sister Mary Phillips School in Alberta, Canada, the idea of giving everyone an equal standard of living is what’s motivating him the most. “I hope people will donate, or buy a shirt, $15 from the sale of shirts go to my project,” he said in an interview. Crossley’s father, Blake, who’s currently a local humanitarian and network administrator at Keyano College in Canada says he’s not only proud to see his son following in his footsteps but also believes that after today Nathaniel will, “do amazing things.” Nathaniel Crossley’s momentous dedication to his project, which is being orchestrated by Africare, will also reach out to local families and citizens surrounding the school area.

Prior to the tremendous assistance that Crossleys and the AWF have devoted, Africare experts had reported that less than 25% of Tanzania’s population had access to safe water and/or reasonable sanitation. They also reported that a staggering 65% of Malawi’s population live below the poverty line, with more than 25% of people falling into the category of “extreme poverty”. As a result, Africare and the AWF jumped at the opportunity to make a difference. “Struck by the relatively low cost of building a well and the enormous difference that a well can make in the life of a village, we were convinced that raising the money to build a well was an easily achievable goal,” says the African Well Fund website. “We congratulate Nathaniel for his sense of love and compassion for others, ” commented Africare President Darius Mans. “Not only is he helping today’s generation of school children in Malawi and Tanzania, but he’s also setting a wonderful example for young people across the globe.

To help Nathaniel follow him on his Facebook page at Bono Got Your Back!, on Twitter @TheLegoFly or donate directly to African Well Fund.

By: Edward Street

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