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WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 15, 2015) – Phase One and Africare have entered into a groundbreaking alliance known as Africare ICT ( to build upon and enhance Africa’s existing information and communication technology systems to accelerate development at the community level in areas such as agriculture, education, governance and health care.

Working with Africa’s public and private sectors, from African government agencies to entrepreneurial information technology start-up companies, the Africare and Phase One alliance will provide knowledge and tools to refine the processes for gathering, sharing and accessing data that will advance health and economic opportunities for Africans.

“Africare recognizes the pressing need to improve communications in the rural and urban communities we serve. Africare ICT solves this challenge and gives our staff and community leaders access to real-time information to make informed decisions on urgent matters involving health, nutrition, agriculture and other vital disciplines across the continent. This partnership brings technology to improve the lives of Africans in some of the world’s most fragile communities,” said Kendra Davenport, Chief of Staff and Chief Development & Communications Officer at Africare.

Africare has successfully addressed challenges on the continent from Ebola to food security by working with African leaders, individuals and organizations at the community level. Africare ICT will employ this proven model to quickly discern specific community needs and rapidly make recommendations to address the needs with ICT solutions.

“Technology will be the key enabler of Africa’s future. As a technology firm, Phase One is passionate about rising to the occasion to support Africare and join with other global companies to help Africans leverage technologies for modern governance and services to their citizens,” said Jerad Speigel, CEO at Phase One.

The unique partnership combines Africare’s more than 45 years of development experience and relationships developed at the community level in more than 36 African nations with Phase One’s global expertise to design and deliver ICT solutions.

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About Africare

Africare is a leading non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to addressing African development and policy issues by working in partnership with African people to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities. Since 1970, Africare has benefited tens of millions of men, women and children through thousands of projects across 36 countries in Africa by integrating our community-based core expertise with our technical specialties of Agriculture and Health, and always prioritizing the cross-cutting themes of Economic Development; Nutrition; Water, Sanitation & Hygiene; Women’s Empowerment; and Youth Empowerment. Visit for more information.

About Phase One

Phase One is a global provider of technology solutions that enhance governance, enable services to citizens, and empower commercial enterprises. Having worked on some of the globe’s most challenging and visible projects, Phase One has become a trusted brand sought after to help solve complex challenges using modern technologies. As a leader in IT planning, agile development, and Platform-as-a-Service applications, Phase One is focused on implementing modern technologies that enable modern societies. Visit for more information.