Africare In the News

The Honorable Robert L. Mallett  President and Chief Executive Officer

As I complete six months as President and CEO of Africare, I am eager to focus on our future. We move forward with a strong sense of our history. Africare is one of the most experienced international development organizations with a singular focus on Africa. Since our founding, Africare has delivered more than $1 billion in assistance to tens of millions of men, women and children in Africa and we continue to deliver exceptional programs.

What I have learned in my short tenure is far more than I can write here, but let me share a few preliminary thoughts about Africare today:

• Our brand remains strong.
• The work we do on the ground is well regarded.
• We have a broad, strong and well placed alumni network.
• We have credibility with governments in our geographies.
• Our mission continues to be relevant and critical.

These are significant assets for any organization. Our foundation is firm. We must build upon it. We must focus our attention to our partners, donors and to ourselves. We must be totally accountable if we are to be around for another 46 years. We want to be a high performing institution on every level. Our programs must be world class. Our management systems and processes must be current, robust, and flexible. Our employees and consultants must remain fully engaged. We must be the lead NGO and partner of choice for donors who value our mission to make African lives better. We get there in the following ways:

• Studied and deliberate focus on excellence
• Being mindful of our formidable stakeholder community and re-engage them to re-position Africare
• Drilling down on and identifying our core competencies and organizing our program efforts around them
• Managing better and creating accountability
• Generating new business
• Engaging Board members and leveraging their skills to advance the enterprise
• Raising more money

A lot to accomplish, but I believe that we are up to the challenge. We must do this together.