Africare In the News

At our inception, Africare’s goal was to be an organization primarily funded by support from African-Americans. Our Co-Founders envisioned Africare as a way for African-Americans to connect meaningfully with their brothers and sisters on the continent. In the 1970s, our then President C. Payne Lucas referred to this as going “one step beyond the Afro and the dashiki,” not merely a symbolic connection, but a concrete partnership with Africans in working toward better lives and futures.

We are therefore honored to have received a Bridge Builders Award from the African Union Diaspora African Forum (AU/DAF) and the Diaspora African Forum (DAF) Foundation in Washington, D.C. The award recognizes the recipient’s “commitment in building a bridge of communication, education, and development on behalf of Africa and the African Diaspora.”

Last evening, August 4, Africare Director of Development Christopher Donaldson attended the award dinner to receive the honor.

At Africare we are proud of our strong historical and present-day support from the African-American community, and in addition to our development work in Africa, it remains part of our mission to promote understanding and dialogue in the United States about African history, culture and development issues.

Thanks to the AU/DAF and the DAF Foundation for this award. We are happy to have made our Founders proud.