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Africare_New_Members_smallI am excited to share the following press release. After many months of  meetings and excellent discussion, Africare and Accordia are proud to announce this merger. Please meet our four new staff members, *Alissa Oram,  Susana Oguntoye, Victoria Hammond, and Samuel Lopez. *If you have questions about media, please contact Cheryl Kravitz, Media Relations and Strategic  Communications, at ** <>*. *

*Washington, DC:* The merger of two United States based organizations,  Africare and Accordia Global Health Foundation, both focused on improving the quality of life for people in Africa, was announced jointly by Stephen  D. Cashin, Chair of the Board of Africare and Hank McKinnell, Chair of Accordia Global Health Foundation.

“The combined organization will be known as Africare and led by Africare  President and CEO Robert L. Mallett, who was a board member at Accordia or a number of years and also briefly served as President. Our missions are similar and both organizations have had a long commitment investing in the continent of Africa,” said Cashin. “We have been in discussion for several months and the merger was approved by our respective boards to enhance the work of each entity in Africa.”

Accordia’s main programs are in Uganda, Nigeria, and Malawi. Africare has a history of working in all three of these locations and has active programs in Nigeria and Malawi along with 12 other sub-Saharan countries.

“Both organizations are collaborating with Africans to strengthen local programs focused on leading healthy lives. Because the missions are complementary, the collaboration is there to become one organization with an important, multilevel purpose. Together we will build individual and institutional capacity,” stated McKinnell, “We look forward to working as One Africare to continue and grow our important work in Africa.”

“A number of our Accordia board members will remain actively engaged supporting the combined entity. Some will become part of an advisory council to Africare, bringing the asset of Accordia’s extensive networks and continuity to outreach in the US, Europe, and Africa,” he concluded.

Cashin pointed out that Accordia joins Africare with extensive networks, and combined with Africare’s deep knowledge of, and presence on, the African continent, melds the best of both organizations to make a stronger one.

He noted that Accordia is perhaps best known for its role in the establishment of the Infectious Diseases Institute at Makerere University in Uganda, and has established the West African Infectious Disease Institute (WAIDI) in Abuja, as well as initiated the creation of the Institute for Child Wellness in Africa (TICWA) in Malawi.

Accordia and Africare also have overlapping areas of interest including nutrition, the fight against malaria and HIV and maternal homes. Cashin stressed Accordia’s history of strong governance and compliance and its highly experienced and effective staff who will join the existing Africare team.

“This is an important step in Africare’s continued growth and effort to renew and expand its footprint. I am excited that these two organizations have come together. Both have remarkable legacies and well-known contributions to African development. The merger builds on Accordia’s legacy of capacity building and health systems strengthening, and it expands opportunities for Africare,” said Mallett.