Africare In the News

WASHINGTON (April 2, 2013) — During the month of April, Africare is highlighting its Clean Water Partnership with Coca-Cola and DEKA Research through an in-flight video entitled “Innovator on the Move.” The video will be shown exclusively on 2,000 international American Airlines flights on the in-flight Business and Technology Report channel.

The two-minute video includes footage of Africare’s President Darius Mans discussing DEKA’s cutting edge “Slingshot” portable water purification system and its applicability to critical health programs.  In cooperation with Coca-Cola, Africare is equipping several health facilities in East Cape, South Africa with the Slingshot system. The technology facilitates a new and efficient, effective way to safely purify water that can be used for virtually anything, but especially in HIV and AIDS clinics, to properly provide prevention, treatment and support services to people living with the diseases.

We regard this initiative as a breakthrough in the constant battle to provide constant access to clean water across the continent. It is our hope that in the months and years ahead this innovative program will expand to other areas in South Africa and other African countries as well. Watch Now>>