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by Goumar Aboubacrine, Administrative and Finance Officer, Africare/Mali

On August 16, Africare “handed over” the control of a school water project to school authorities and the community of Dibaro in Mali’s Koulikoro region.

The Dibaro School Water Project was a six month undertaking funded by the African Well Fund and implemented by Africare. The project installed a borehole 61 meters deep with a capacity of 8,000 liters per hour and equipped with a pump fed by solar panels.

The Dibaro School borehole pump is solar powered.

The Dibaro School borehole pump is solar powered.

In addition to the borehole, the project rehabilitated two school toilets and constructed two hand washing stations to enable students and staff to properly wash their hands after classes and after using the toilets.

To ensure the sustainability of the project infrastructure, the project established a borehole management committee comprised of local stakeholders, and the committee members received training on how to maintain and repair the equipment to keep the clean water flowing.

Project staff also shared good hygiene and sanitation practices with students and administrative staff so they will have the knowledge necessary to use the new equipment to its fullest potential.

Dibaro School students demonstrate the new handwashing stations adjacent to the school's rehabilitated toilet facilities.

Dibaro School students demonstrate the new hand-washing stations adjacent to the school’s rehabilitated toilet facilities.

More than 2,100 people, including 295 school students, six school staff members and the approximately 1,800 villagers living around Dibaro School, will directly benefit from the clean water access and improved sanitation facilities now available on the school compound.

The handover officially marked the occasion of the first ever successful borehole in the village, and the ceremony symbolized the transfer of responsibility for the project from Africare, as the project’s implementers, to the community of Dibaro, as the project’s sustainers.

The Mayor of the local Doumba commune expressed his delight with the project’s accomplishments, emphasizing his appreciation that Africare’s interventions are in line with the government’s top priorities for its citizens. The community certainly values their new assets, and the Director of Koulikoro’s Pedagogic Center, the government service managing basic schools, stated, “All these precious infrastructures will be managed with high precaution.”

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