Africare In the News

The accelerating Ebola outbreak has spread to another country. In addition to the revelation of an additional Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa, the West African Ebola outbreak continues to expand with the announcement of a case in Senegal.

The latest figures place the numbers in the West African outbreak at 3,069 cases and 1,552 deaths with over 40% of the total cases occurring in the last three weeks (WHO). The case in Senegal is of a Guinean man who traveled to Dakar, Senegal’s capital, by road despite efforts to monitor the movements of confirmed Ebola cases and their contacts. It is as yet unknown if this man infected anyone else as he traveled and sought treatment (WHO). In Nigeria, where reports of case numbers had previously been promising, approximately 60 people are now being monitored after contact with an infected doctor before his death (ABC NEWS).

The World Health Organization recently unveiled a containment plan that will require six months, thousands of additional personnel and $490 million, and they have predicted that more than 20,000 additional people could become infected (Dallas News)

Africare has shipped more than $1.2 million in necessary medical supplies, but the need remains huge and urgent. Do your part to help West Africa contain the worst Ebola outbreak in history before it spreads further. Click here to donate now.