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Ebola in Texas

A nurse who provided care for the United States’ first Ebola fatality in Dallas, Texas tested positive for Ebola and was isolated over the weekend. The latest reports are that she is in stable condition (CBS NEWS). Late Tuesday night a second health care worker from the same facility tested positive for Ebola according to preliminary results. The patient has been interviewed to begin contact tracing and monitoring, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will conduct confirmatory testing (NBC NEWS).

Cases, Deaths and Locations

As of October 10, the total number of West African Ebola outbreak cases, including localized cases and travel-associated cases, stands at 8,400 with 4,033 deaths. Liberia remains the hardest hit at present, accounting for almost half of all cases and 57% of deaths (CDC). A Liberian health worker strike over demands for better pay in caring for Ebola patients ended after two days (VOA).

The distinct Ebola outbreak in Central Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo, first reported in late August, has not reported a new Ebola case since September 24. As of October 5, 43 deaths have been attributed to Ebola while the number of cases holds at 70 (CDC).

The Marburg Virus emergence in Uganda, first reported to the World Health Organization on October 5, remains limited to one fatal case. Contacts are being monitored for signs of the virus, and to date all symptomatic contacts have tested negative (WHO).

The World Health Organization estimates that if trends continue, West Africa could see between 5,000 to 10,000 new Ebola cases every week by the end of the year (CNN). Africare is providing protective equipment for heroic front line health workers and educating communities on how to overcome the virus. To help stop Ebola’s spread, please give now.