Africare In the News

U.S. President Barack Obama announced concrete actions in response to the Ebola outbreak yesterday. The U.S. military will dispatch 3,000 personnel as part of an estimated $750 million, six month operation based in Monrovia, Liberia to coordinate international Ebola response efforts in West Africa (Washington Post). The U.S. response will also include engineers and material to establish 17 new 100-bed treatment centers in Liberia, medical personnel to train a projected 500 local health care workers per week, and 400,000 treatment kits with sanitizers and protective equipment to be delivered to families in the region (CNN).

World Health Organization staff stated the numbers of reported Ebola cases and deaths are now at 4,985 and 2,461 respectively, and projections estimate the total case number could ultimately reach into tens of thousands. Senior United Nations officials believe containing the outbreak could now cost $1 billion (NY Times). Efforts to fast-track Ebola vaccines continue (BBC), but there are concerns on how far the virus could spread before even a fast-tracked vaccine is ready (Science).

The status of Ebola in Senegal remains stable at only one case (WHO), but the rest of the affected West African nations continue to suffer from the epidemic.

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