Africare In the News

Africare knows Africa is rising. Unfortunately, news coverage of the continent is dominated by negativity, and too many people are unaware of Africa’s exciting growth and accomplishments. We’ve decided to share some of our favorite news stories from Africa on the last Friday of every month to help you get your weekend started on the right foot, and to tip the media balance more toward the good news. Here are some of our favorites from February:

Angelique Kidjo Wins Her Second Grammy “This Album Is Dedicated To The Women Of Africa”

Beninese singer-songwriter and friend of Africare Angelique Kidjo won “Best World Music Album” at the Grammy Awards and dedicated the music to the women of Africa. Angelique’s Batonga Foundation is currently partnering with Africare and the African Well Fund on a Water, Sanitation & Hygiene in schools project in Benin.

Ethiopia Steams Ahead With Vision For A Modern National Rail Network

Ethiopia is in the race to become the first sub-Saharan country after South Africa to lay down an electrified rail network that will link 49 towns and cities.

Obama Nominates First U.S. Ambassador To Somalia Since 1991

Despite Somalia’s ongoing battles against insurgency and insecurity, the nomination marks the first diplomatic progress between Somalia and the United States since the U.S. Embassy closed with Somalia’s collapse into civil war 25 years ago and signals Somalia’s steps in emerging from conflict.

Pay-As-You-Go Solar Power Takes Off In Africa

In Kenya the cell phone is being used to transform the way that people consume energy.

Queens Of Africa Dolls Are Outselling Barbie In Nigeria

When Taofick Okoya couldn’t find a black doll to buy for his niece, he started “Queens of Africa,” a line of dolls modeled after local women and styles and promoting strong feminine ideals.

Rough Guides Travel Guides’ 2015 Best Places

Egypt and Zambia make the Top 10 Countries list; Ethiopia ranks #7 in countries as voted on by Rough Guides readers; and Johannesburg is the world’s #1 city!

Was It Tanzania, Not Britain, Where the Miniskirt Was Invented?

The oral history of fashion in East Africa lay claim to the origins of the miniskirt as the continent sought to authenticate its growing fashion industry.