Trusts & Bequests

There’s an old saying: “Plant a tree in whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

Every project affects the future. At Africare, we must constantly focus on today’s efforts while also making tomorrow’s plans. The work that Africare is implementing today in many rural communities may provide immediate benefits … or it may take years to reach its full potential. Your generosity can ensure the future of Africare’s self-help assistance projects ― even into the next generation.

In particular, you can make a significant contribution through a trust or bequest.


Trusts and bequests may be directed in any of these ways:

Where needed most: When you donate to Africare’s general fund, you empower us to direct your generous gift to programs, emergency situations and other work in the greatest need at the time. General fund donations help Africare the most.

Specific program or country: You may support a program area (for example, food security or HIV/AIDS control) or assistance to a particular country. NOTE: As conditions change, it may become impossible for Africare to carry out a specific program or work in a specific country. Please see the special note, below, to learn how we would try to honor your intentions even if we could not adhere to certain specifics of your trust or bequest.

Africare endowment: Endow a special-purpose fund to generate interest income that will keep working for decades to come.

Setting Up Trusts and Bequests

The following are some general guidelines.

1. Specify either a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate. Also remember to include Africare as a contingent beneficiary in your will and in your retirement and life insurance programs (in the event your intended heirs predecease you). There is no limit on federal estate-tax deductions for charitable contributions.

2. When including Africare in legal documents, use our legal name: “Africare”.

3. NOTE: Africare is a non-stock corporation incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia and is a private, charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Africare’s tax ID number is 237116952.

We suggest the following wording for bequests in wills or trusts:“I give and bequeath to Africare, of the District of Columbia, ___________ [insert dollar amount, percentage of estate, or description of securities or property, etc.] to be used for its general purposes [or insert the name of a program].”Special Note: For the greatest flexibility in responding to the needs in Africa, Africare encourages bequests to be made for our general charitable purposes. However, Africare also welcomes specific requests and will try to carry them out. Occasionally, changes occur in political situations in developing countries or in program capabilities that may impact our ability to carry out specific requests. Accordingly, to enable Africare to use bequest funds as intended and yet accommodate unforeseen changes in program requirements, Africare requests that the following wording be added to any restricted bequest:

“In the event that Africare determines that the purpose for which this gift is made is no longer appropriate or practicable or does not require all of the funds provided, Africare may use said funds as in its discretion may seem most appropriate for other purposes allied to or in harmony with the spirit and purpose of this gift as described above.”

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