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Africare mourns the death of Ambassador Princeton Nathan Lyman who departed this life peacefully at his home last Friday, August 24, 2018.  He is remembered fondly in diplomatic circles as a quintessential American ambassador.  He served as ambassador to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of South Africa.  He served in South Africa at a propitious and historic moment as the world was not sure how the country would emerge from the apartheid era and whether it would be able to do so peacefully.

Ambassador Lyman’s skill and quiet presence worked behind the scenes to ensure a successful and peaceful transition from apartheid to democratic majority rule in South Africa.  His storied diplomatic career also included roles as deputy assistant secretary of state for Africa, director of Refugee Programs, assistant secretary for International Organization Affairs, and special envoy to Sudan to mediate talks between northern and southern Sudan.  He is also a former board member of Africare.

For all the peace Ambassador Lyman helped to forge in the world, it is now his turn to rest in glorious peace.