Africare In the News

“Just seemed like a natural thing to give back to Africare.”
-Jean and George Meek

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background ?

Jean and I met in high school in a small town called Pelham in Westchester, New York. Mrs. Meek spent her working years as a pre-school teacher, and I worked at Organization of American States (OAS) and then did a 20-year stint at Voice of America (VOA) as a journalist.

Today, I translate for The World Bank Group and OAS and Mrs. Meek quilts and works with her women’s group, “The Yarn Crafters”. We are both active members of our church, Trinity Presbyterian, in Arlington, Virginia.

How did you hear about Africare?

Well quite honestly, I don’t remember. We were researching which charities had a four-star rating on Charity Navigator and Africare was one of them. We liked that the charity had a low overhead and administrative expense.

What made you choose us?

We liked the idea that you serve one continent. Africare centers on Africa. We also like that your projects serve to teach the local people how to “do things,” whether that be to grow crops or to read and write – it is clear the focus is on giving them the tools to be able take care of themselves after the project ends.

What made you decide to donate to Africare?

We consider ourselves Presbyterian and our religion asks that we be called to help others in need. We take in and feed the homeless on occasion, and it just seemed like a natural thing to give back to Africare. We also found the information sent through the mail to be very informative— we are looking forward to the next annual report!

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