Africare Senior Vice President Receives Presidential Award in Congo

Kinshasa, DRC, December 2, 2009 — Jeannine B. Scott, Africare Senior Vice President, was awarded the Palme d'Excellence by President Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The award, given to a woman who exemplifies long time excellence in economic development and entrepreneurship, was presented to Ms. Scott at the closing gala of the 3rd International Congress of Black Women. The annual conference is intended to promote and develop black women entrepreneurship worldwide.

During the conference Ms. Scott also presented a paper on the role of African Diaspora women in the United States, in promoting economic development opportunities for women in Africa. In attendance were the First Ladies of Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Congo-Brazzaville.

About 600 women (and some men) from the African Diaspora around the world attended the week-long conference. Countries that were represented include: the United States (both African Americans and African Immigrants), France, Belgium, Martinique, Guadeloupe, DRC, Congo-Brazzaville, Zambia, Tanzania, Switzerland, Senegal, Morocco., Algeria, South Africa, Cameroon and Cote d'Ivoire.

The theme of the 2009 conference was “The Integration of Black Women Resources in the Process of Economic Development and Worldwide Cooperation.

Africare is a leading non-profit organization specializing in African development aid. It is also the oldest and largest African-American led organization in that field. Since its founding in 1970, Africare has delivered well over $800 million in assistance and support — over 2,500 projects
and millions of beneficiaries —to 36 countries Africa-wide. Africare has its international headquarters in Washington, DC, with field offices currently in some 23 African countries.