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Nabulu Lomunyak is a mother of two. She lives in a Maasai Boma in Mberi Village in Tanzania. For a time, Nabulu was frequently falling ill. After going to the hospital and receiving some counseling, she built up the courage to take an HIV test. The result came back positive. It took several days for Nabulu to cope with her new health status, but luckily her neighbor, Ledoya Leriku, is a Community Home Based Care Provider who worked with her and helped her cope with the reality of her diagnosis.

Since Nabulu was able to open up to Ledoya about being HIV-positive, Ledoya helped enroll her at a care and treatment center where she was able to access to anti-retroviral therapy. Nabulu was also later linked to Home-Based Care (HBC) services under Africare’s KAYA Community Care initiative (KAYA CCI).

My life, my hope, and my people have all been supported by KAYA CCI.

“I appreciate the HBC services that I get through my provider. It has changed my life, and now I have hope of living longer. I am no longer afraid that I will not see my children as they grow up and go to school,” Nabulu said.

Since learning her status, Nabulu has joined a Village Community Bank (VICOBA) group supported by KAYA CCI where she and other people living with HIV share their achievements, challenges and advice. “I enjoy meeting with my friends. I am grateful for this group. It is very supportive,” she commented.

Nabulu was able to secure a loan through her VICOBA group and purchased three goats. These goats allow her to provide milk for her children as well as a product to sell for income.

“My life, my hope, and my people have all been supported by KAYA CCI. I thank [the program], and I appreciate the support, encouragement and care that have been provided to me,” she said.

Rachel Mkundai, Africare/Tanzania Communication Officer

Africare/Tanzania’s KAYA CCI concluded last December. The project, which focused on Preventing Mother to Child Transmission of HIV & AIDS (PMTCT) in Tanzania’s Mara, Manyara and Kagera regions, made a significant difference in the lives of its beneficiaries. We want to thank the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all of the dedicated staff who helped make the success of this project a reality, and especially Chief of Party Tuntufye Mwakajonga.

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