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The Pamoja Tuwalee Community Savings Group Study reviews practices and innovations in community savings group aimed at supporting most vulnerable children in Tanzania. The publication was produced for review by the United States Agency for International Development. It was prepared by DAI in collaboration with Africare, FHI360, Pact and WEI.

The modality of empowering the people to run their own affairs is good; it changes first their minds and second, it enables them to do better because they see the trend of success.
-Michael Mnana, Village Chairman, Nyashigwe, Mwanza

While not an impact evaluation, the results from the Savings Study illustrate key social, health, and economic impacts as reported by respondents, specifically:

Increased group solidarity and cohesion to help support school costs.
Improved business skills and savings habits among participants across groups.
Increased financial support for MVC in communities, particularly around school attendance.
Increased financial inclusion for vulnerable households

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Pamoja Tuwalee Savings Study - Cover