Africare In the News

Two years ago, Maimounata Sawadogo’s husband became sick and lost his job as an ambulance driver. Just at that time, she learned that she was HIV positive, but as the stronger of the two, she was obliged to take on the role as head of the family. She tried to carry out several small business activities at the village market, but despite her courage and her hard work, she could not meet all the expenses of the family. So she decided to join the Association of Hope and Health, which benefits from Africare’s assistance to the community.

With Africare’s help, she received a small loan to begin a small business making and selling a food item called atieke, a couscous-type food made from manioc. The community loves it, and they eat it often. With this new business, Maimounata makes about $20 for each day at the market, or about $200 a month. This income allows her to financially support her husband, her mother (a widow), pay the school tuition of her two younger brothers, and cultivate at least half a hectare of a peanut farm.

Maimounata’s story is one of hope.

“If I am standing before you today in my farm, it is thanks to the various types of assistance that Africare provided to our association. Assistance from Africare allowed me to regain confidence in myself and encouraged me to always fight to live positively despite my positive HIV status. My husband is happy with the help that I give to him and to support our family. This situation reinforces our love for each other. Without Africare, we would no longer exist.”

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