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Have you ever heard of poo-etry? Read on, and Zambian schoolchildren will teach you.

In Africare projects, it’s not our local staff but our project participants who take the lead, mobilizing their communities and sharing their knowledge. For Africare Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects, students become the agents of change:

At Runhengu Primary School, where Africare/Zimbabwe provided 10 latrines and a handwashing station, the school health club, complete with officers and a constitution, is now spearheading hygiene education and promotion at the school. In addition to demonstrating healthy behaviors through songs and poetry, they carry out hygiene education in their community, and they organize school yard cleanings with their classmates. With support from UNICEF, Africare’s ongoing “Improving Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Rural Areas of Zimbabwe” project is implementing these interventions in schools across four districts in the country.

Africare/Zambia WASH Project: Runhengu Primary School's Health Club communicating healthy behaviors through song, and having some fun while they're at it.

Runhengu Primary School’s Health Club communicating healthy behaviors through song, and having some fun while they’re at it.

Africare/Zambia conducted a similar UNICEF project from 2010 to 2011, and as you saw from the video above, when PATH visited Africare-supported schools two years later for their Defeat Diarrhea campaign, the schoolchildren had still kept the hygiene education alive and well.

But we know why you’re still reading. You want to see some poo-etry in action. We can’t blame you:

If you give the kids a spark, then they can run with it. And as Africare’s Alfred Mungamelo said, “We believe that when you change a child, you are changing a generation.”