Africare In the News

Earlier this month Benin’s President and Minister of Health officially recognized Africare for malaria control work in the country, which includes coordinating the nationwide distribution of nearly 8 million bed nets. After being on the verge of closing in 2006, Africare/Benin implemented an innovative pilot malaria program with a big impact, reducing malaria-related mortality in children under 5 by 84% in target areas, and with the support of donors and the endorsement of authorities in Benin, the program is now operating on a national scale.

At the ceremony, Africare President Darius Mans was made an Officer of the National Order of Benin. The other gentleman in the video below being honored is Jean-Philippe Chippaux, a researcher at the Institut de recherche pour le développement who has contributed to the development of an antivenom serum against local snakes and is currently working on a malaria vaccine for pregnant women.

Benin’s Minister of Health Madam Kinde-Gazard commended Africare on being so active at the community level in our malaria control programming, and she expressed her feeling that the next logical step is to integrate pneumonia and diarrhea services into Africare’s current model.

Africare’s gratitude goes to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, our partners and the Government of Benin for this honor. If vous parlez français, or even if you don’t, feel free to check out the video of the ceremony below: